Official Barber of NFL Super Bowl XLIX

(Sunday February 1, 2015  -  Seattle vs New England -  Phoenix, Arizona)

My Services:

I don’t just cut hair, plenty of barbers cut hair well. The professional haircut and grooming experience I deliver includes:
  • My “No Wait” haircut appointment system puts you in charge of your haircut day, date and time.
  • My unique hair & scalp shampoo treatment “before and after” every haircut promotes healthy hair by removing excess oil, dirt and chemicals that clog pours and damages healthy hair. It stops itchy, flaky scalp and helps prevent dandruff, dryness and hair loss.
  • You get the style of your choice and my razor edge hairline enhancement technique to give you that sharp, crisp, picture perfect hairline and that so fresh and clean look!
  • You get the highest quality haircut and in addition, I respect and value your time and I appreciate your business.


To serve professionals and others like you, there is “No Waiting” Hours for a haircut in my barbershop. 
  • From your cell phone or computer you can book your haircut through my online appointment system.
  • Get your professional haircut at the exact date and time you choose or guaranteed next in the chair – I promise.
  • Dependable, reliable, consistent service and you’ll feel the pride in the quality of my work.
  • Enjoy a peaceful, private upscale barber suite (not the average negative barbershop talk & music).
  • Regardless how far you travel, I can assure you now, the drive is worth it!

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About Brandon Bufford

Brandon Bufford’s mission is to positively influence professional barbers through his inspiration, motivated by his passion, generated by his vision, produced by his conviction, ignited by his purpose. Brandon is the founder & president of “For Barbers By Barbers LLC.”

Celebrity Barber

Brandon Bufford is a Celebrity Barber.  If you would like training on how to become a Celebrity Barber, please contact me here.

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